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City Code Ordinances

The Codified Ordinances of Chester, WV are maintained by the City Clerks office and published periodically by the Walter H. Drane Company, Cleveland, OH.  Ordinances enacted or amended by city council will be periodically published to this page.

- Complete to November 1, 2012 -

Preliminary Unit


General Offenses

Business and Taxation

Street Utilities and Public Services

Health and Sanitation

Planning and Zoning

Fire Prevention

Building and Housing

Ordinance 2014-01 Deputy Chief of Police

Ordinance 400 (amended) Reproduction Fees

Ordinance 286 (amended) Accumulation of Junk

Ordinance 273-A Junk Yards

Ordinance 2015-02 Water and Sewage Rates - 1st Reading

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