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Hall of Fame

The City of Chester Hall of Fame recognizes citizens that have distinguished themselves in the areas of Architecture, Business & Industry, Medicine, Charitable Activities, Education, Entertainment, Government, Politics, Health & Science, Heroism, Humanitarianism, Religion, Sports, Volunteerism, or any any such category that is deemed appropriate.  Candidates are nominated by members of the community and inducted into the Hall of Fame at an annual dinner recognizing their accomplishments.  Those interested in nominating someone for the Hall of Fame may download the Hall of Fame Nomination Form and return to the Chester City Clerk.

The Chester Hall of Fame is located on the Second Floor of the Chester City Building.

Frank J. DeCapio - 2015

Frank served his country between 1952-1954 as a member of the 4th Division Finance Corps. in the U.S. Army.  He was a life member of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 6450.  He was a member of Chester City Council from 1968-1998 and was Mayor from 1976-1980.  Frank was instrumental in Alecia Arms Apartments construction and was also a member of Chester Water Filtration Plant project.  He was a member of Chester Waste Water Treatement Plant project.

Rodney Ray Collins - 2015

As a "Child of God" Rodney was very active in the First Methodist Church.  A popular and well-liked young man, he entertained local youth with his band, The Jades.  Rodney was nicknamed "Hot Rod" Collins for outstanding athletic skills.  He was known as a loving, caring, and thoughtful son and brother.  He paid the ultimate sacrifice for his country on October 24th, 1969 when he was killed in the line of duty in Vietnam.

Robert J. Milby - 2015

Robert served his country in the U.S. Navy during WWII. He was the Vice President of Consumer Credit at First National Bank for 40 years.  Life Charter Member of Burge Casto Chester VFW Post 6450 and longest serving Quartermaster in VFW history.  Robert led the development of the most prosperous VFW in the nation.  The Chester VFW was renamed the Bob Milby VFW Post 6450 in 2014.

Shirley Barnhart - 2015

A lifetime of volunteerism for her beloved hometown, Shirley served as City Clerk for Chester.  She was regarded as an Angel of Mercy, helping shut-ins and indigents. Shirley also served as a long time leader of Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and 4-H groups.  She also served as a member of: Arts Club, Memory Lane, Kitchen Committee, Water Department, Library Volunteer, and Parade Committee.  Known as a humble teacher, mentor, and friend to all.

Ken Morris - 2013

Ken Morris has been a lifelong resident of Chester W.V.. He graduated from Oak Glen High School in 1974 and attended Marshall University. He married Patti Raffle in 1980 and had two daughters, Tia and Kayla. He has had multiple city positions, including councilmen (1990-1992), Elected Mayor (1992) and served from 1992-1996 and 2000-2014. His Parents are John Fred and Mary Belva Fred who served on Council and as city clerk. He is a Charter Member on the Sons of the American Legion Squadron 121. He is proud and honored to serve the citizens of Chester W.V.  and to help make this town a great place  to live for generations to come.

Sara Ann Thomas - 2013

Sara Ann Thomas was a dedicated and energetic teacher for 30 years at Chester City High School. While at the school she was a well respected coach that took pride in her work and was loyal supporter to her colleagues and principal. While not in school, she was a concerned and involved community leader. Sara Ann Thomas is a Honored Chester Citizen who is a devoted family member, while also being a sympathetic and understanding listener.

Ken Thorn - 2013

Ken Thorn has served The City of Chester in many ways and is constantly putting the well-being of the citizens of Chester before his. From 1984-1989, Ken Thorn was an EMS but than later joined the Chester Police Department. In 1979 he served actively with the CVFD until 1994. In 1994, he was appointed Chief of Police and was the longest serving Chief of Police to the City of Chester. In 2008, he was named  Law Enforcement of the Year. He is a member of the Sons of the America Legion Post 121, while also being apart of the Weirton FOP Lodge #84. He participates and donates numerous hours volunteering for the good of the City of Chester.

Don Hood - 2013

Don Hood was a dedicated educator and coach at Oak Glen High School for 21 years. He played on the only undefeated, un-scored on football team at Chester City High School. He was a Chester Councilman and City Clerk each for six years. He has a long membership at the Westminster Presbyterian Church, serving many years as Deacon, and led Christians on Long Term Services. Also, he is a 50 year member of the Chester City Lions Club and recipient of the Leonard Jarret Award . Don Hood served in the United States Air Force during WW2 tail-gunner in a B29. Married for over 65 years to Wanda, the love of his life. He and Wanda had three daughters.

Susan Badgley - 2013

Susan Badgley was an avid supporter with the Chester City Playgrounds for developing, restoring, and maintaining projects for the City of Chester, and helped the renovation of the Chester City Park and the Third Street Playground. Also, she created a “Special Needs Playground” at the Jack Owens Playground. She was a Secretary of Chester City Board while also being a recipient of the Brooke-Hancock-Jefferson Metropolitan Planning Commission Special Recognition Volunteer Award for the Upper Ohio Valley.

Max Tuttle - 2011

Max Tuttle was an extremely good coach for Chester City High School. He was revered as “Coach Tuttle” at Chester City High School for 34 years. He also coached the only undefeated, un-scored on football team at Chester High School. Not only a football coach, he also coached basketball for 29 years. During his tenure, his team never had a losing record. He coached Jim Jordan, who later became an All-American at the University of North Carolina. Not only a great coach, but a respected educator and community leader in Chester for 35 years.

G. A. Arner - 2011

G. A. Arner was very influential with the early development of Chester. He was also a member of the first city council of Chester and went on to serve eight more terms. In 1902, he became president of the Albert Thrasher Company. That same year, he formed the Arner and Bower Funeral business. He also became the Coroner of Hancock County in 1922. He was one of the early organizers of the First National Bank of Chester, serving on the first Board of Directors.

Clifford O. Com - 2011

Clifford O. Com, also know as “Doc on the Corner” was a Pharmacist in Chester to hundreds of families for many years. He actively filled prescriptions for area families for over 62 years. Because of his achievements, he is an Honorary Alumni of the West Virginia University School of Pharmacy. He also served on the Hancock County Savings Bank board for over 50 years. He is considered a man of deep faith, and a long term member and elder of the Westminster Church of Chester. He is also a Charter member and long time Treasurer of the Chester Kiwanis Club. Clifford O. Com is a beloved and loyal family man to his wife Beatrice, and sons Clifford and Harry.

Mike Dotson - 2010

Mike Dotson joyfully serves God and others each day, he is strong in Faith and hope. Active Member of Newell Glendale Nazarene Church for over 57 years. #1 Dad and Pappy – married to best friend, Joyce Lynn Ross. Generations of Dotson's are proud to call the City of Chester home. Volunteered with other Chester residents to assist in the renovation of the Chester City Municipal Building, City Park Playgrounds, and many other projects over the years. Loves to ride his Harley Davidson motorcycle. Serving as Councilman of Chester Ward #3.

Linda Sue Carpenter Deshon & Glorian Jean Carpenter Gargano - 2010

As musicians when they were younger the Carpenter sisters worked at the famous Chester Teapot. They went on many tours to entertain the troops as they grew older. During the Department of Defense Tour (May 8-June 27,1971) they visited Japan, Okinawa, Marcus Islands, Korea, Guam, Philippines, and Iwo Jima. During the USO Tour (October 6-November 16, 1971) they went to Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, and Diego Garcia. They also did a second USO Tour from May 12-28 in 1972. They were in the National Independence Day Parade (July 4, 2000) and performed for the Vietnam Veterans Helicopter Pilots Association Millennium  Reunion in Washington D.C..  In 2001 they appeared in the “In the Shadow of the Blade” documentary.

Dr. John Marcus Brand - 2010

Dr. John Marcus Brand was a dedicated and respected Chester physician for 33 years (1941-1974). He set an extraordinary example as a civic-minded professional in Chester for over 30 years. He was a proud Navy Veteran who served his country during WWII. One of the greatest track and field athletes in the history of West Virginia University. “Mickey” held the W.V.U. 880 yard run track record for 31 years. Appointed to the Athletic Council of West Virginia University between 1962-1964.

John C. “Woody” Woodruff - 2010

John C. “Woody” Woodruff has served as a Chester City Councilman, Youth Coach, and Civic Leader/Humanitarian. Always actively fundraising for worthy causes. People consider him a “Friend of Many.” He is the founder of Mountaineer Class Iron Car Club.

Dominic F. Amedeo - 2009

Dominic was always proud to call Chester his home.  He was known for being strong in Faith and Belief as well as being a family man, gentleman, and pioneer in Education.  Humble, yet proud, Dominic was a friend, father, husband, son, brother, coach, grandfather, and counselor.

John F. Hissam - 2009

John F. Hissam served 3 years in the United States Marine Core with 15 months in Vietnam. He is a lifetime member of the VFW Post 6450 and a 40 year member of the American Legion Post 121. Member of the Chester Volunteer Fire Department from 1970 to present. He is the longest serving member of the Chester Volunteer Fire Department, while four generations of the Hissam family have been members of the Chester Volunteer Fire Department with a combined service of 125 years. He also served as Lieutenant Captain Assistant Chief and presently holds the position as Chief.

Glenna Miller & Mary Hindes - 2009

Glenna Miller Chaperoned "Hi Teen" for 17 years with Mary Hinds, while also being a leader for Girl Scouts and 4-H. She was the first secretary for the Chester City Parks Commission.

Mary Hindes Chaperoned "Hi Teen" for 17 years with Glenna Miller. She was one of the founding members of the “Purple and Gold” Club. She was deaconess for many years at the Chester City Christian Church.

Floyd “Doc” Lyons - 2009

Floyd “Doc” Lyons became Police Chief from 1930-1960 when Mr. Clyde Householder stepped down. Along with being the Chief, he was also the school crossing guard for many years. He helped with the state and federal law enforcement with the capture of “Pretty Boy Floyd." He was also an avid hunter who had a love for the sport and the dogs that made him successful. He was a “fair man who gave you a second chance.”

Roy C. Cashdollar - 2008

Roy C. Cashdollar was a graduate of Chester High School in1939, a graduate of the College of Steubenville, and earned a Post Graduate degree in Administration from the University of Pittsburgh. He served in WWII and was involved with 35 missions aboard a B24 Liberty. He is a life member of the Chester American Legion Post 121 and the Chester VFW Post 6450. His first teaching position was at his Alma Mater CHS in1951 where he spent 10 years on staff. He also spent 22 years with the Beaver Local School District primarily as Superintendent. He served over thirty years of elected office with terms of councilmen, city clerk, and mayor. With the city, he assisted many city wide ventures. He is a current member of the Chester Kiwanis Club. Authored two books on the history of his beloved Chester. He is married to the love of his life Betty, and have been together for 63 years.

Joseph “Bill” Cornell - 2008

Joseph “Bil” Cornell was the proud owner and operator of Cornell Trucking, while also being the Chief of Police of Chester for 10 years. During his time at the Police Department, he demonstrated a selfless act of heroism with regard to disarming an explosive device at Citizen’s Drug Store in 1971. Honorary life member of the CVFD.  He was instrumental with the transformation of Chester City Park, donating many hours and providing his own equipment for reconstruction. In 1990, the Chester City Council named the City Park in his honor. Honored by the Chester VFW Post 6450 at The Veteran Memorial Park in 2007 for “Service to Our City." Widely known for his random acts of kindness and generosity and always willing to lend a helping hand for those in need. He also was constantly putting the well being and happiness of others before himself.

James Jordan - 2008

James Jordan was the Honorary Captain of the 1943 WV High School Basketball Team. While at The University of North Carolina, he played for the basketball team, which made it the finals in 1946. During his career at UNC, he received Second Team All-American status. He was recognized as an Outstanding Athlete of his class during the 50th Anniversary of the UNC Athletic Foundation. He also played on the 1948 National Championship basketball team for the legendary Adolpf Rupp at the University of Kentucky. His #8 jersey was retired and hangs in the Dean Dome today. While in the Navy, he enlisted in the qualifying for V-12 Officer Training. At the age of 25, he was selected to serve on the Hancock Savings Bank Board.  His first teaching was at his Alma Mater CHS in 1951 where he spent 10 years on staff. He received his Law degree from West Virginia University. He was also the president of the Bar Association. With the Westminster United Presbyterian Church, he was an officer who lead the youth group and taught Sunday school classes.  He married his childhood sweetheart Ann Ingram, and was together for 52 years.

C. Donald Chaney - 2008

C. Donald Chaney began his business career at the age of 13 with his father operating Chaney’s Service Station. He was the President of his senior class of Chester High School. While with the US Air Force, he obtained the rank of First Lieutenant, flew 65 missions including D-Day and received 13 medals. After his service, Don began C&S TV one of the first ten cable companies in America. Utilizing his cable programming, he was able to raise $5,000 for the Lynn Murray Memorial Library. He is the oldest member of the First Christian Church of Chester. Immediately willing to educate anyone with regard to politics, economy, and the environment. Served as councilman in the late 60’s. Member of the Chester/Newell Sportsman Club and sponsor of the Catfish tournament, while keeping in mind the importance of the Ohio River and the natural resources it provides. Don and his wife Mary have raised and educated seven children.

Alvin B. Clutter - 2008

Alvin B. Clutter was the President of his freshmen, sophomore , and junior classes and graduated from Chester High School in 1939. He was a Veteran of WWII fighting in the Pacific Theater with the United States Navy and United States Marine Core. He coached the Chester Mice for 16 years and was considered a father to over 1000 boys during his tenure. Spearheaded fundraisers for the development and equipment needed to maintain a football program within the city. Enjoyed his treasured passion by teaching the fundamentals of football and helping the area youth with a great foundation of the game. Co-organizer of the Tri-State Little League Football Program. Volunteering countless and selfless hours for over 20 years to the community with football and Pony League Baseball. Worked and retired from Weirton Steel Corporation with 35 years of service. Al and his wife Bonnie have raised four children.

J. E. McDonald - 2007

J. E. McDonald was admitted to the Ohio Bar Association. He organized a company in 1895 and successfully built the Chester Bridge in 1896. He also led successful efforts to bring the rolling mill to Chester. He launched Rock Springs Park Amusement Park in 1887. He developed the first street cars throughout Chester while also being instrumental in starting the East Liverpool Rock Springs Railway connecting people from East Liverpool to Chester. He was Mayor of Chester in 1911 and is regarded as the founder of Chester.

James Elwood Fox - 2007

James Elwood Fox was in the Colonel Army Reserves retiring with 33 years of service, while being the Commander of the 463 Engineering Battalion. He is a life member of the Reserve Officer Association and American Legion Post 121 Chester, WV. He was the Administrator of The Orchards at Foxcrest for 20 years. While also being on the West Virginia Nursing Home Licensing Advisory Council and West Virginia Health Care Association Board of Directors. He was employed for 31 years with Colt Industries within their Production Control Department.

Dr. David S. Pugh - 2007

Dr. David S. Pugh graduated from the University of Pittsburgh Medical School, and practiced medicine in Chester for 43 years. Captain David Pugh served as a medical officer in the United States Army Air Corps from 1944 to 1946. He was stationed in Japan until 1946. Active with his church, Dr. Pugh served as an Elder and Commissioner to Presbytery. Proud to be known as a Patriotic American, honest and dedicated to medicine, his family, church and community. Dr. Pugh said, "The greatest thing I ever did was to marry Yvonne.” Life member of the American Academy of Family Physicians, the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion.

C. A. Smith - 2007

C.A. Smith began developing Chester by purchasing land in 1899. He was one of the builders of the Chester/East Liverpool Bridge, and then purchased the bridge in 1901. He is the owner of the Steubenville/East Liverpool Valley Traction Co. providing street car service to the area and one of the founders of Taylor Smith & Taylor Pottery assuming total interest in 1903. He was one of the original stockholder of the Knowles China Co. Established Hillcrest Farms in 1917. He was also the president of the National Hereford Association.

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