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Hancock County School Systems

The City of Chester is a part of the Hancock County School system, in which the students can attend Allison Elementary, Oak Glen Middle School, and Oak Glen High school. The students of Oak Glen High School have the option to spend half of their day at the Rockefeller Career Center, to learn multiple skills needed for future jobs. More information about each school can be found in the links below, or on the Hancock County Schools Website.

Dr. Kathy Kidder-Wilkerson, Superintendent of Hancock County Schools, can be reached at the following number: 304-564-3411

A. T. Allison Elementary School

Address:  600 Railroad Street, Chester, WV, 26034
Telephone: 304-387-1915
Fax: 304-387-2114

Grades: K-04

Enrollment: 439 (Uncertified)

Oak Glen Middle School

Address:  39 Golden Bear Drive, New Cumberland, WV, 26047

Telephone: 304-387-2363

Grades: 05-08

Enrollment: 627 (Uncertified)

Oak Glen High School

Address:  195 Golden Bear Drive, New Cumberland, WV, 26047

Telephone: 304-564-3500

Fax: 304-387-2079

Grades: PK-12

Enrollment: 600 (Uncertified)

John D. Rockefeller Career Center

Address:  95 Rockyside Road, New Cumberland, WV, 26047

Telephone: 304-564-3337

Fax: 304-564-4058

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