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World's Largest Teapot

The World’s Largest Teapot was first originally used as a giant keg by Hires Root Beer. It was then bought by David Strickler (who claimed to be the inventor of the banana split) who cut windows and doors into the keg and turned it into a concession stand at a miniature golf course in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.


In 1938 it was bought by William “Babe” Devon, who brought it to Chester, added the spout, lid, and handle, and converted it into the World’s Largest Teapot. Devon was a booster of the region’s then-vibrant pottery industry, and used the Teapot to sell snacks and souvenirs.


The Teapot went out of business in 1980 and fell into disrepair. A major restoration in 1990 brought it to its current state, followed up every few years with repairs and repainting.

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